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Bracelets, Gemstones, Crystals, Tumbled Stones

I saw her and she was amazing.she gave me advise about my son and she was right on.she was right about other things too.-Carolle

All services that Klaudija offers have me in awe. She is who she is and that is mindblowing! Multidimensionally aligned, how she speaks the truth and normalizes spirituality is such a gift to receive. From Astrology & Numerology to working with Crystals & Herbology with clear & precise knowledge and an ease to teach & as a facilitator for free flow of beingness / empowerment to mediumship, Klaudija is definitely a << go to >>. I think some people have a tendency to romanticize things in life to make them more powerfully magnetizing, and it works. Klaudija does this with the truth... And has definitely had tremendous influence on the clarity of who I am today. Her level of alignment just rubs off on you in a good way! I am proud of being in her life. And extremely grateful of benefiting from all the knowledge she shares during various workshops/gatherings/private guidance sessions.

- Marie-

This Goddess is very real and down to earth! She tells ya how it is and makes you feel very comfortable her knowledge of Crystal's and ancient healing surpasses other readers

She knew what I needed! She's very caring and extremely generous with her clients!

Thanks Klaudija!

-Krista -

Beautiful jewellery and beautiful person. Klaudija is truly amazing at what she does!-Sarah Vee

almost beyond human word description. rare and unique collection. the innate treasures of soul expression, powerful activation and intrinsic mapping to the star energies of expanded consciousness of ancient wisdom and pure joy. phenomenal rate of star seed coding that breathes from these pieces is both rare and PERFECT.

- Betty-Lou Energist, Transducer, Melchizedek Initiate, Crystal Guardian, Starseed, Code Carrier

I strongly endorse these wonderful, artistic pieces of jewelry that reflect their alignment with the Divine Goddess. I have several pieces of this divine art and it reflects the Goddess presence every time I wear them.



EACH PIECE IS MADE WITH SUCH INTEGRITY, Consciousness, Clarity and most importantly Love.

Experience Soul Alignment, Awaken Your Blueprint and affirm the God and goddess creator energy within!


Thank you so much for the reading Klaudija! Very Insightful Information! Leaving me very happy and wonderful!!!


I came on a mission and got my answers! Klaudija you really knew me! Thank You! -


I am so happy i met you today!

So much inside of me needed to be free! Thank you!


Super Awesome person! I'll never forget you and the fantastic reading i received.

You are very gifted


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