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Our Story

Athena 96 Goddesses is heart based business to empower gods and goddesses to raise the energy and frequencies of earth mother.

The Athena 96 Goddesses name was gift to Klaudija from Lavandar (Galactic Elder/Astrology Teacher) during a sacred ceremony on

Fisher Mountain in Hot Springs, Arkansan 2012.

Klaudija is founder of Athena 96 Goddesses and the designer of Jewelry.

She also descend from a lineage of Mediterranean Healers,Psychics and Teachers. Klaudija is a psychic, Intuitive, healer, and spiritual teacher.

She was blessed with the gifts of clairvoyance, clairsentience and clairaudience at an early age and has been perfecting her gifts ever since.

Athena 96 Goddesses specialize in offering metaphysical tools such as handmade jewelry, tumbled stones, gemstones,

crystals in all shape and sizes, bracelets,necklaces and so much more.

Our tools are for Starseeds, Witches, Crystal Practitioner,Healers, and anyone who is on a path of self discovery.

We also offer in Ottawa Canada, Astro-Numerology Workshops and

Crafting Classes for Jewelry and Oil Blends.

Our Intention at Athena 96 Goddesses is help you find your soul path and aligning to soul family(Your Hive),

so we may better serve the planet and ourselves.

Beautiful Handmade Mother of Pearl, Chrysoprase, Prehnite and Angel Wing Necklace.Each bead is double knotted for extra support. The necklace of unconditional love.Wearing this goddess piece will enhance your inner knowledge by showing you the path forward to your spiritual connection with the Angels and Divine Mother.


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