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Hello Athenian Soul Family
This month we are uncovering the mystery of your moon nodes.
North Node(Rahu):Where you are going!
South Node(Ketu):Where you've been!
Learn what energy patterns your spirit explored in past lives and what energy you are meant to explore in this lifetime.
Klaudija will guide you in finding your true north and how you can use it as a backdrop for your future self.
We will work with your natal chart and find out your cosmic story that you're meant to embrace in this lifetime.
Please Send me your birth info.If i haven't done your chart yet.
Place:Frances St.
Date:Aug 11
To secure your spot:e-transfer to [email protected] password goddess all small case or make other arrangements.
Thank you! Looking forward to connecting with you.

                                                                                              Hello Beautiful Goddesses!
Welcome to August Goddess Gathering!
This months teaching of Pele "Powerful Hawaiian Goddess!
I am so excited to bring you the teachings of this powerful Hawaiian goddess.
Manifesting through Desire of Goddess Pele!
She asks you: What are you creating? and What do you need to destroy?
We will work on these two questions for the evening.
Klaudija with be guiding you through a mediation and a revocation on how to work with your own sacred power!
We will be using crystals,lava stone and oil essences.That invoke Pele's Energies.
Each one of you will receive a free lava stone set with your intentions.
Looking forward to seeing you hear.
Date:Friday Aug 18
Your Investment: $35
Payment can be made through e-transfer to [email protected] password: goddess (all same case) or please make other arrangements
Susan and Klaudija are so excitied to be offering readings at
Angelic Serendipity in Trenton Ontario.
July 23 2017
Your investment:$40 for 15mins
Please call the store to book your times.(613)955-1361
Klaudija will be offering her Divine Guidance Readings and Her Athena 96 Goddesses Jewellery. Susan will be offering her Mediumship.
Her natural intuitive gifts helps Susan channel messages from your Angels, Spirit Guides and Loved Ones. Often pets will make an appearance during her readings.

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Who is Athena 96 Goddesses?
It was a sacred feminine organization that was founded many billion years ago, on world called l'Shora. the l'shora home world was very ancient world that gave birth to thousands and thousands of other worlds.
The Athenian goddesses and the grandmothers from the l'shora home world where contacted by other sacred feminine groups and ask them to return to there spiritual format.
The 96 separate planetary bodies lived on l'shora until they became their own planet.  They allowed celestial groups to come in and restore their life force. So that other sacred feminine groups and few men that carried Goddess soul codes could operate on there planet and begin Celestial Grandmother Teachings.
Customer Praises

 * The healing with gemstones classes are so much fun! Packed with useful information, and delivered with lots of energy!
-Sarah P 

* All I can say is whoa! The vibration and frequency of these designs are truly celestial. I love them!

*KLaudija's Psychic intuition abilities are beyond this world!

I just received my custom order what an amazing Bracelet, felt the energy right when i opened the package! Also the package was right on time. Thank you Klaudija for your wonderful creation.

Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you as soon as possible
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